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Small breasts????
I have a sister who's sixteen years old.. she's about to go into her junior year of high school and she's constantly going on about how small her breasts are. She's an 34A and she get so upset when we go to the mall and find all the cute shirts and bikinis that she can't ever seem to fit into. Is there any chance that her breasts may grow a little bit before she hits adulthood? Or is there anything she can do to make her breasts look bigger?

padded bras.
they will grow in time. i was 32 A and now i am still 32A but they fill in way more after 5 years.
look young when u can, i enjoy it having a bacholars and looking 16 yrs old. hehehe
Small Breasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have these really small breasts, and everyone else's is like, the size of my mom's! how do i make them bigger?
Big breasts arn't all that great.
I have a friend who is VERY tiny shes like 5'1 and wears size 0 jeans but is a size D. I mean they look HUGE on her.
When girls have bigger breast guys tend to look. I mean guys are attracted to both! But they were always asking her out and stuff and she actually went out with someone who in the end said he only liked her for her boobs. A bit ridiculous.
When you have smaller boobs now this is the case sometimes, you know that the guy likes you for YOU and not because your breast are bigger then your head.

I really wouldnt stress it, chances are they are going to grow some still. My mom is a DD and im a B and notice that im still growing 2 years after I got my period and all that jazz.
Why is having small breasts considered a bad thing?
On certain forums, blogs, and websites I've seen people talk about small breasts (size A cup and under) almost like they are a deformity. The media also acts this way about them. Why is it such bad thing?

I'm just tired of trying to feel good about my breast size and then being beat down.
well men like breasts
but its not a bad thing!
dont feel put down!
theres men out there who like smaller breasts!
how do you think women with extremly large breasts feel when their talking to someone and all they look at is their breasts...not a good feeling, dont let it bother you its not a bad thing!
Is it true that a woman with small breasts feels inferior and down?
Is it true that a woman is an incomplete wife and an in complete mother without breasts?Do breast size measure the eroticism of a woman?Is a woman with very small breasts erotic and sexually appealing or a woman with relatively larger breasts?Does she feel incomplete with small breast size?
I think it's best to treat every woman as an individual with different needs. No two people are the same, that doesn't depend on sex. Someone may be proud of having small breasts and enjoy it where another would be ashamed.
How many people here (of the male gender) prefer small breasts to big breasts?
Honestly, I'm trying to prove a point to a few of my female friends and other ignorant females out there that small breasts aren't ugly and not all males prefer big breasts. I for one am a female with small breasts and love them unconditionally! As harsh and shallow as it may sound, I'm quite vain about my small breasts and am glad I don't have big ones. Although all breasts are beautiful no matter the size.
Good for you. I'm a man and I have always preferred small breasts.
Small breasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Im 15 years old and I have an hourglass figure, My body looks pretty womanly, minus my breasts, they dont seem to fit my body, Im a 34-36A. Im so self conscious about the size of my breasts in comparisson with younger friends of mine and the rest of my body. Can they still grow?
yeah, wait til your junior/senior year. people go threw a second growth spurt then
Why do some people have problems with small breasts?
I don't get why some people are so obsessed with large breasts. Or why some women think their breasts aren't good enough, so they go get breast augmentation. My girlfriend has small breasts and I think they're wonderful. Maybe it's because I've generally been attracted to petite girls, but I just happen to find smaller breasts perfectly attractive. They don't need to be huge, small perky ones are great too.

So why do some people have problems with them?
I have no idea. I like bosoms of all sizes.
How do I stop my son from dating a woman with small breasts?
My son is turning 18 soon and has recently begun dating. However his first girlfriend has very small breasts, probably an A-cup. Now god bless his heart, he loves her ever so much, but I'd like to set a firm precedent to avoid future heartbreak.

I wouldn't want him to be ridiculed by his friends and classmates for 'going out with a flatty' as I would have been back in my younger years. Unendowed females are also generally emotionally unstable due to low self-esteem (I don't want a teenage drama queen on my son's hands!)

My biggest worry is that many years down the line, their female guyren would be 'flat chicks' as well. I'd like my son to be a spittin' image of his old man, and to help him avoid some obvious mistakes.

Should I forbid him from dating her or let him figure it out for himself over time?
If you feel that strongly about it, maybe you should shell out for augmentation surgery for the poor girl!

for the folks giving me thumbs down, I was being sarcastic!
Do pregnant women with small breasts really experience increase in breast size?
Is it true that women with small breasts that get pregnant experience an increase in breast size? And if yes, how much?
Yes - and it depends on the woman and how much weight she gains. But usually very noticibly. Now when the milk comes in that's another up in size. However this is temporary - and you'll at least lose that 'milk titty fairy' size. Some women keep the 'pregnancy' breasts, some lose them - often that depends on if they keep some of those pregnancy pounds.

Now the bad news. While the boobs grow, they also tend to head south a bit. Good bras help, but they can only do so much. A full breast of milk LOOKS perky but so would a full balloon near bursting.
Is there a difference between the sensitivity between small breasts and large breasts?
I've always been told that small breasts were more sensitive, but women with larger breasts seem to disagree. I'm just curious and figured this was a good place to ask?
It all depends on the women....

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